What's a birth doula? A trained, non-medical professional who provides nurturing, non-judgmental, informed support during pregnancy and labor. This includes sharing information and current research about birthing options, collaboratively developing birth and postpartum plans, comforting and assisting during labor, and following-up after birth. A birth doula can support a pregnant person alongside their partner throughout the process.

Abi's birth doula package includes:

  • Two prenatal appointments -- During which we can prepare a birth plan, discuss your preferences, and practice positions/relaxation techniques.
  • Continuous labor support -- Starting when you feel you need it, I can meet you at your home, birthing center or hospital and provide physical comfort, emotional support and information to assist you in decision-making. If you're birthing with a partner or another support person, I can offer suggestions to help them best assist you. After birth, I can stay for as long as you need me to provide initial breastfeeding support and other early postpartum needs.
  • A postpartum visit -- At the hospital or your home within the first weeks, I can join you to review your birth experience, answer any questions, and provide more extensive postpartum services upon request. 

I will be available for unlimited phone and email support. After 37 weeks I will be on call for you 24 hours/day.